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2013-11-30 15:05:31 by brian08242

But You been rappin for ten years cant you see its clear your the fucking loser here, I ummm sit down scribble some shit whle all you do is sit on the dick, my shit freash my shit clean your shit dusty like ashy larry and cant be seen..u tryin to scare me, teacher, teacher we need ya, hes gotta see ya, his words are mixed and matched like a puzzel just got unwrapped...Ill rip out your brain steam and leave your brain in the drain or lust leave ya insane either way your twisted, sidictive, vindidctive and minnulupative put down the needel befor you see your needs dreams wants and even being..DIE bye bye... that wasnt h it was battery acid not too much longer youll be lastin.....


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2013-12-01 15:13:13

Thought about Clab Trap?