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Rap Battle Art

2013-11-29 19:10:31 by brian08242

Lyric battle, retaliation lyrics from me...

I dont deserve competition this is what you say, but you dont deserve any recognition. Always bitchin bout this and that I say fuck that did you see a welcome mat? Your the one that needs a reality check, your stuck in your own zone out of tone. You need a reality check in the head nuff said,and all this gay shit u spittin is puttin me in a weird posistion thats not some shit ill be missin, that crown aint going on your head im just gonna steal my own instead we can match except ill be the winner now go and make me some dinner, im sure your done this cant be fun for you talkin like you know but you aint got shit to show take a lesson and step back before I break your back cuz my rhyms are untreatable n unbeatable got you scared and unaware all you can do is stare and be amazed by my skillz, are you ready for your bill mr A my shit aint cheap you gotta pay the fee too see, know your place and relize you arnt the ace, not even pocket duce's would help you win this race so slow your pace there's no point in this chase. Give up! go to bed and rest your head your cerebral cortex cant handle much more all your rhymes are a bore, your neuro pathways are fried that's why you cant remember when your rap dream died!


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2013-11-29 19:27:03

'Cerebral cortex' and 'neuro pathways' would sound sick on a track. I look forward to the way you execute those lyrics.
'Break your back' kinda reminds me of 'Flaming Swordz' by Sunz of Man (Wu-Tang affiliate group). In that sense, a dark, thundering instrumental would be ideal to lay these lyrics down on.
Anyway, keep up the lyric-writing and I hope to hear some audible content from you.