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Lyric Rap Battle Art

2013-11-29 15:57:46 by brian08242

I am the best this aint no ledgend of zelda quest I aint wearing no hooded vest!

Know your words pick em right beceause i bite and spit raw shit!

Come a little closer so I can get a bite of that hatter brain, are you insane comming to a rap battle with hatter taste, you might as well miss a court case your fucked either way, fuck the script in your dome piece, you need the prayer from atleast 10 priests, piece by piece you try to fix it, but it all you spittin is raw pollution not any kind of a solution!

Paint a picture or try before I hit ya, split ya in two, who the fuck needs you. Your own momma wouldnt even miss you!

you make flava flave look like tupac so is it a shock that your rap is a flop. just fucking stop. I cant take it, well i can take it but you cant make it, so dont fake it!

So walk your asss back home all alone beceause ur an outcast and not andre 3000 kinda shit more like NONDRE NOTHOUSAND and dont think about the chronic album thats 2000 The chronic was dope, your rymes should be used for dish sope beceause your makin a mess u know im the best so your shit dont even deserve the test, fuck the rest!!


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